Are your marketing efforts moving you in the right direction? 

Here are some questions to ask yourself... 
Brand Assessment

  • Is your brand recognizable?

  • Is your brand unique?

  • Is your brand message communicated clearly?

  • Are you brand values communicated quickly?

Website Assessment

  • Is your site optimized for search engines?

  • Is your site user-friendly

  • Is your site mobile-friendly?

  • Does your site add additional services/support?

  • How many leads per day/month are you generating online?

  • How much content have you generated?

  • How long are your viewers staying?

Social Media  Assessment

  • Are you available on all relevant social media platforms?

  • How many conversations are you generating?

  • How many fans per month are you adding?

  • Do your fans actually follow you and engage?

  • Do your fans trust your advice?

Local Presence  Assessment

  • Are you listed on all major search engines?

  • Which directories is your business listed on?

  • How many reviews of your business are available online?

  • Are locations optimized in maps results?

  • What keywords are you optimized for?

  • Are you running any PPC ads to support organic traffic?

Now check out how we can help you.

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