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So whats the deal with the little wheelbarrow guy in your logo and the picture of the little yard worker dudes on your site? 

We get that question a lot, so we figured we'd go ahead and tell you a little bit about it. The picture is of Mossi and his brothers and the little wheel barrow guy is him when he was a kid. This is an excerpt from his memoirs.

"​I was the youngest of 4 boys. The baby. My Mom, Dad, and Brothers taught me a ton about life. Aside from the swirlies and wedgies, my brothers really taught me how to hold my own and work hard. When we were little, the family business was of course YARD WORK!!! Landscaping, grass cutting, weed pulling, lawn watering, bush cutting, etc. etc. etc... Of course Dads staff was his 4 sons us boys and mom. Our work days would start early so that the temperature would still be cool while we cut the lawns. Dad would pull into the apt complex that we would service weekly and the boys and mom would begin the arduous task of re- beautifying the property. By the end of the day my brothers and I were all muddy and covered with grass stains and dirty Reeboks. I remember dads words “If everything's good I’ll treat you to "Super Big Gulps!” Yup, if the lawns were done well, Dads wage was a trip to the 7/11. To my brothers and me it was shangrilah, it meant the day was really over. I learned a lot about hard work when I was a kid. Commitment and that true satisfaction comes from knowing you worked hard and did a great job. It made the payoff that much sweeter! "

Work hard Enjoy life! Love Wheelbarrow Media :)
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